Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

I love cocktails, and I love secret London- so when i heard through the grape vine a new speakeasy bar had opened where to gain entrance you have to walk through a secret entrance in a fridge- i couldnt wait to try it out! In fact since then ive been back 3 times!

The bar is hidden in an American Diner near Spittalfields where you actually have to walk through the above fridge to get into the bar!

This underground speakeasy is a bit of fun and certainly a great place to take a date- it can be quiet early on in the evenings midweek but get there about 8 and its packed! I wouldnt spend the whole eve there but certainly worth stopping off to sample some well made cocktails!

So my advice is go and find the fridge and ask to see the Mayor....

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