Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cake baking!

Now ask anyone I know and they will tell you my cookery skills are nothing to write home about- indeed for about a year my dinner consisted every night of a cheese and tomato pizza- and I still managed to burn it 50% of the time!

But my enthusiasm for the subject is certianly not lacking! I just dont have the time to do it!

So one afternoon I got it into my head that I was going to bake a cake- and so I did!

I decided upon a Victoria Sponge as this is my favourite cake- and if your going to bake a cake- why not bake your favourite one?!! The sponge came out really nice although a little dark for my liking!

Shaking up the whipped cream in a kilner jar- this is a great tip! Beats hand whisking or using a machine! Simply pour the cream into a jar and shake! Job done!

The fun begins!!

Dusted with Icing sugar!

OMG!! This tasted amazing!! :)

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