Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bramble Jam

I was meant to be going to Regent Park Open Air Theatre one eve- to watch Crazy For You- but it turned out to be a typical English summer eve- and the heavens just opened- and the prospect of sitting outside for 3 hours in the Rain somehow didnt appeal to me.

So instead I decided to make Bramble Jam. Id been noticing the early Blackberries ripening all along parkland walk - and decided to go and pick some to make Jam with- I noticed over the next few days I certainly wasnt the only person round here to notice the abundance of ripening fruit!

So first you mash the fruit in the pan with a potato masher.

Add the juice of a Lemon for pectin

Add a whole load of sugar!

Stir till the sugar dissolves

Bring to a rolling boil (the kind of boil that when you stir the mixture it doesnt stop the boil)

And then test for setting point on a chilled plate- and then once the setting point has reached ladle into jam jars!

And voila! Easy and delicious Bramble Jam straight from the hedgerows. Very satisfying and tasty!! :)

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