Sunday, 18 September 2011

Columbia Road

I dont think I had been to Columbia Road this summer at all! Which is highly unlike me!

I suppose not having a garden of my own has restricted me in my plant buying trips- but every so often it is nice to surround yourself with flowers! And i am always on the look out for must-have plants for the window sill- although getting much much better at saying no!

I do enjoy the buzz of the market- its always really busy- and packed full of plant mad people like me either looking for bargains, or unusual plants, to others just out to buy a bunch of flowers to take home, or occasionally mad people who try to take home a palm tree on the back of their bicycle!

When i used to have my tropical garden- I would often ask advice from the stall holders as to whether it would survive outside in London- and the answer was always YES! No matter what it was! I learned quickly you have to take everything they say with a pinch of salt!

This guy was sitting in the upstairs window of a shop embroidering something- I loved it! Even if it was a little creepy!

I came away with nothing- (which used to disappoint me)- but im glad my self restraint works sometimes! There was a short twisted stemmed olive that caught my eye- but that can wait until another time!

Loved seeing the Pearly Kings and Queens- the pearly costumes are designed to attract Eattention and make them instantly recognizable. Each group is associated with a church in central London and works to raise money for London based charities.

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